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While public health began aiming its vast resources at informing, empowering and protecting the public from COVID-19 with emerging evidence and best practices in infection control, Mikki Willis, a former model/actor whose online content is popular in the new age and natural healing community for its positive and empowering messages, spent $2,000 to make the now notorious conspiracy film Plandemic from his home in Ojai California.

At the heart of the video’s message is one of government distrust and paranoia, regarding the medical community, both public sector and private sector alike, as representative of a vast medical-industrial-government-complex.

Plandemic has done…

How we rebuild and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic may hold the keys to reclaiming some sense of shared reality and common purpose in a world that seems increasingly unhinged from reality.

The idea that we live in a Multiverse (or in a universe among many), first posed by cosmologists and quantum physicists, has become a popular idea in mainstream culture over the past decade. In short it is the theory that there are multiple universes that vary in degrees of similarity of difference to our own, in which an infinite number of different variables and outcomes play out as…

Like most Canadians I grew up in close proximity to the U.S. border and live just a short drive away from it still, in Vancouver BC. When I was young my mom used to take my sister and I across the border into Washington to visit her cousin Lori who lived on a small farm just outside the town of Twisp, and her aunt Kay. Visits to aunt Kay’s were pretty tame, tea and cookies, but the visits to aunt Lori’s in Twisp I still have scars from, the good kind, more or less.

Lori’s husband Gary was a Vietnam…

We thought America liked being the most prosperous country on earth in the rules based international order it designed and benefitted from. Highly competent and able to take control of complex situations. Were we wrong?

America we thought we knew you, but you’ve been un-masked, and now we hardly recognize you.

We thought you liked being the most prosperous nation on earth, yet you allowed a virus to cripple your economy while countries around the world managed to stabilize their situations.

We thought you liked being in the driver’s seat, in control of the situation, yet Coronavirus is driving your…

How would you describe a man who shot more than 20 people dead in a rampage? Would “A denturist with a passion for policing”do the trick? How about a man who armed himself to the teeth after gorging on QAnon conspiracy theory sites and broke into the Prime Minister’s home? Would a good humoured and friendly guy who was just having a hard time at work due to the pandemic fit the bill?

Canadian media has failed to serve the public interest when instead of delving deeper into the growing threat of paranoid anti-government conspiracism, fuelled by online disinformation, it…

As a Canadian I try not to obsess about what’s happening in America, but sometimes it’s hard to disengage with the swirling vortex of decadence and doom just across the border. Especially when you’re a population health policymaker with one of Canada’s provincial health authorities.

Canadians aren’t that much different than Americans in many ways, in fact we’ve become more American over the years thanks to the flow of U.S. multimedia into Canada. But one way in which our differences seem to stand out right now is in how our two countries have responded to the Coronavirus pandemic.

One country…

“Every man has the right to an opinion but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts. Nor, above all, to persist in errors as to facts.” — Bernard Baruch

I’m a senior policymaker with one of Canada’s provincial health authorities, and yes, as the title suggests, I’m also a Freemason. For months now I’ve been watching the news, possibly like you, seeing both the effects that COVID-19 is having on healthcare systems and the effects that unprecedented public health measures to prevent its runaway spread are having on our economy and social lives. …

Wesley S Regan

Canadian population health policymaker // Director Emeritus of Simon Fraser University’s Community Economic Development Program // Instructor, Langara College.

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